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​Rawson Music OKC, your oldest Oklahoma City guitar & amp store-since 1963-has weekly and monthly SALE events. Check back here for the latest sale items (guitars, amps, drums, banjos, mandolins, ukuleles, keyboards). We also will *match on-line prices! 
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Boss RT-20

Spring Sale!

MXR, Boss, DigiTech,

DanElectro, VHT, VOX,

Dunlop and Xotic 

Processor Pedals


Huge inventory of stompboxes: delay, chorus, distortion, fuzz,

reverb, Wah Wah, equalizer,

loop, bass processors, flanger  

at internet prices.


Prices too low to publish!

 S.L. Mossman

Flint Hills

SN# 76-2430


Excellent aged condition with two piece Indian rosewood back and sides, solid Sitka spruce top (cracked finish), ebony fingerboard with pearl dots, nickel Grover keys and an ebony bridge.  Built in the original Winfield, KS. shop. 

MXR Carbon Copy

Brian May Red Special

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Seagull Logo

Marshall Logo

Marshall Half Stack

Get 3 sets of D'Addario 

XL strings FREE with each Marshall amp purchase.  

Seagull Guitar       'Spring' Sale

XL Strings

We have one of the largest selection of new & used Seagull guitars in the OKC metro area.  All Seagull guitars are made in Canada from start to finish. It's in the small village of La Patrie in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, where they have been crafting Seagull Guitars for more than a quarter century.


We are proud to offer high-quality models like: Coastline S6 Folk Cedar, Entourage Mint Jumbo Rustic, Performer CW MJ Flame Maple, Amber Trail CW Mini Jumbo and many more!


We have new shipment of Maritime SWS (solid wood series) and Artist Studio Seagull guitars for your inspection.    


Come by our store and choose your favorite Seagull guitar.  

Marshall amplifiers have been, and are, used by many great guitarists, with the iconic ‘wall of Marshalls’ being the backdrop to uncountable live performances: Hendrix, The Who, Led Zeppelin, AD/DC, the list goes on.  Jim Marshall, the founder of Marshall Amplification, began building amps in the back of his West London music shop. This was in response to the many conversations he’d had with the likes of Pete Townshend, Ritchie Blackmore and many other artists. Marshall amps and cabs are made in Britain at the Marshall production facility in Bletchley, England since 1966. Buy the legend amp TODAY at Rawson Music; we are an authorized OKC dealer for Marshall amps.  

Retail   /    Sale:

$116.00    $79.99     Marshall MG10CF (10 watt) 

$210.00    $149.99   Marshall MG15CPX (15 watt)

$520.00    $359.99   Marshall MG100HCFX (100 watt)

$420.00    $299.99   Marshall MG412AFC (4 x 12") 

$540.00    $399.99   Marshall MG15CFXMS (15 watt)


Retail   /   Sale:

$507.00    $299.00        Seagull S6 Original                      SOLD

$507.00    $299.00        Seagull S6 Slim

$585.00    $399.00        Seagull S6 Folk Cedar

$800.00    $595.00        Seagull CW Folk Signature

$477.00    $325.00        Seagull Entourage

$605.00    $449.00        Seagull Rustic QI

$799.00    $595.00        Seagull Heart of Wild Cherry 

$719.99    $389.99        Seagull Entourage MJ Rustic       SOLD

$800.00    $595.00        Seagull CW Folk Signature

$925.00    $499.00        Seagull Performer 

$869.00    $599.00        Seagull SWS Mahogany  

$995.00    $559.00        Seagull SWS Rosewood (SG)       SOLD

$995.00    $559.00        Seagull SWS Creme Brulee

$1799.00  $1099.00     Seagull Artist Studio SWS (CW)               

$285.00    $199.99   Marshall MG30CFX (30 watt)

$500.00    $399.99   Marshall MG50CFX (50 watt)  


Tube Amps:

$600.00      $499.99    Marshall DSL5C (5 watt)

$700.00      $599.00    Marshall DSL15C (15 watt)

$970.00      $699.00    Marshall DSL40C (40 watt)

- USED -       $499.00    Marshall Haze 40 (40 watt)

- USED -       $1599.00  Marshall DSL100H (with 1960AV)

$2400.00    $1699.99  Marshall JVM210H (100 watt)

$1270.00    $899.99    Marshall 1960A (4 x 12") 



Bluegrass Instruments

WP_20130720_003.jpg 2013-7-20-14:15:56

We have just received a

huge selection of cymbals.


The types include:

China Cymbal 10"-18"

Medium Crash 14"-19"

Medium Ride 20"

Medium Hi-Hat 13",14"

Medium Splash 8"

Black Metal Bell Med. 6",7"


The brands include:

Zildjian, Sabian, Stagg 

and Meinl.

We have large inventory of name brand banjos, dobros and mandolins. We have both 5 & 6 string banjos. We

also have various high-quality mandolins. We have cases to fit all instruments.


The brands include:

Washburn, Deering, Dean,

Savannah, Recording King, Luna.


Retail   /   Sale:

$899.00    $499.99    Washburn Dobro R15S

$354.00    $169.00    Washburn B7 Banjo

$1247.90  $499.00    Washburn B14 Banjo

$1515.00  $499.00    Washburn M120K Mandolin

$249.99    $189.99    Savannah F-Style Mandolin

$444.90    $249.00    Washburn B8K Banjo

$444.90    $249.00    Washburn B9 Banjo

$599.00    $449.00    Recording King RR20 Banjo


Retail   /   Sale:​

$89.99      $48.99     10" SH China

$109.99    $58.99     14" SH Medium Crash

$389.99    $210.99   20" SH Medium Ride

$269.99    $145.99   13" SH Medium Hi-Hat

$72.99      $38.99       8" SH Medium Splash


Used Fender USA
Eric Clapton Strat
Tama Imperial Star 5-Piece Drum Kit with Cymbals

The Eric Clapton Signature "Blackie" Stratocaster powered by three Vintage Noiseless™ pickups, features a special soft V-shaped maple neck and blocked tremolo.  

Specs: Satin Urethane Finish 

Fingerboard Maple, 9.5” Radius (241 mm), 22 Vintage Style Frets, Vintage Noiseless™ Pickups 3, Active Mid-Boost (0-25dB) Pickup, Switching 5-Pos. Blade

with Hardshell Tweed Case.


​Hardware included:

22x18 Bass Drum
13x10 Rack Tom
12x9 Rack Tom
14x5.5 Wood Snare
MEINL HCS Cymbal Kit -

(20" Ride, 16" Crash,

14" Hi-Hats)

Iron Cobra 200 Pedal

Chain Drive Hi-Hat Stand

Drum Throne



Retail     /   Sale:​

1151.00     $699.00

Retail     /     Sale:​

USED           $1499.00