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​Rawson Music is the Oldest Guitar Store in the OKC Metro area!
We have provided continuous service to Oklahoma City Musicians since 1963. 
See our large selection of Guitars, Banjos, Mandolins, Harmonicas, Ukuleles, Keyboards, Amps,
Drums and Percussion. Our store carries the top-of-line Martin and Taylor guitar models.
We also carry Peavey Professional Audio Sound Systems and all types of Accessories for Musical Instruments. Rawson Music OKC will always make it our Goal to be more than just another Oklahoma City Music Store as we strive for 

100% Customer Satisfaction


 Just arrived new inventory of named brands stocked with the best selection. We also have 25% down and 90 Days lay-away for all instruments, keyboards and drums. Come in today!

 Guitars Oklahoma City Music Store Rawson Banjos Mandolins Ukuleles Fretted Musical Instruments OKC Peavey Dealer
Guitars & Fretted Instruments

Rawson Music has one of the largest selection of Acoustic and Electric Guitars in Oklahoma City, ranging from beginner to professional. We offer many different Acoustic Guitars with a variety of woods, sizes, necks to choose from and with optional pick-ups. We also have a large selection of top-of-the-line Martin and Taylor Guitars. Check out our solid, semi-hollow, hollow, single or double cut-away quality electric guitars. Don't forget about our high-quality mandolins, violins, banjos and ukuleles. We also have Electric Guitar Starter Packages for only $199.99 that incude: Your choice of a Strat type or Single Cut Electric guitar, Gig Bag, Strap and Amp. In addition we have Full Size Acoustic Guitars starting at $99.99.


Martin, Washburn, Taylor, Godin, Dean, Ibanez, LTD, Seagull,

Luna, Recording King, Art & Lutherie, Simon & Patrick , Deering, VOX, G&L, Hagstrom, B.C. Rich, Jay Turser, Peavey

Guitar Amps Amplifiers at Rawson Music Store Oklahoma City Peavey Dealer


Rawson Music OKC has a large selection of  Electric and Acoustic Guitar Amps as well as Bass  Amps and Keyboard Amps. These amplifiers are designed and built for Guitar Players from novice to professional.  We have a huge selection of tube/solid state name-brand stage and studio amps. We also have practice to professional USED amps in our music store.  Bring your guitar in and try one out or just use one of ours.


​Marshall, VOX, Peavey, Ibanez, Kustom, VHT, Luna, Roland

 PA Speakers Oklahoma City Audio Equipment Pro Audio Sound Systems Peavey Dealer at Rawson Music OKC

Professional Audio Sound Systems

Rawson Music OKC has quality Peavey Pro Audio Sound Systems designed for Sound Reinforcement applications for the Beginner to Professional.  We design Sound Systems for Home Studios , Performing Bands, Churches and Schools. We have a large selection of PA speakers, monitors, mixers and power amplifiers. Try out our high-quality studio and stage microphones;  we also have speaker stands and all types of cables.  For all your Oklahoma City Audio needs come see us at Rawson Music.


 Peavey, Nady Microphones

Keyboards Digital Pianos Synthesizers at Rawson Music Store Oklahoma City


Rawson Music OKC has high quality Keyboards and Electronic Digital Pianos for a variety of playing styles. We also have synthesizers to compliment the music of today.  We also have  setup packages (amp/speakers) for both home and professional studios.       


Korg Pianos and Synthesizers, Roland, Yamaha Keyboards

Drums Percussion Cymbals at Rawson Music Store Oklahoma City

Drums & Percussion

Rawson Music OKC sells Beginning Drum Sets complete with Cymbals or we can put together any size Drum Kit you are looking for. We also have a large selection of Tambourines and a variety of Ethnic Percussion Instruments - Plus we have the largest selection of African Djembe drums in Oklahoma City. Do you need hardware, sticks or cymbals?  We can provide all your Drum Accessory  needs. 


Tama Drums, Taye Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Sabian Cymbals, Evans Drumheads, Remo Drumheads, Vic Firth Drumsticks, Pro-Mark Drumsticks, Zildjian Drumsticks


If you can't find your stomp box, music hardware or cable, come see us. We carry a large selection of audio cables, guitar hardware, pick-ups, stomp boxes, and tuners. We carry a large selection of guitar strings and bass guitar strings for all playing styles.  Rawson Music OKC also has the largest bucket of Fender Guitar Picks in Oklahoma City. We also have instructional music videos, CDs and books. A large selection of Hohner Harmonicas in all keys. We also carry humidifiers, feedback supressors and pop filters. 




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